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RFX CARE International A S is a Danish manufacturing company established in 1979 with factories in China and Lithuania We have been developing manufacturing and distributing safety products for more than a decade We have obtained a considerable knowledge of the market based on working with some of the world s leading companies brands and retailers With our fully compliant factories we are able to serve our customers worldwide guaranteeing top quality fast deliveries and exceedingly good working ethics Every day a team of 360 dedicated people are committing themselves to developing designing manufacturing testing and delivering RFX CARE products In the making of your products focus is on...

Categories and Products

Face Mask

Disposable Medical Face Mask

Medical Face Mask 50P Class 1 Type Iir Disposable Medical Face Mask 10Pcs Disposable Medical Class1 Blue Face Mask 5Pcs Disposable Medical Blue Face Mask 3Pcs 

Textile Face Mask

Reuseable Keep Warm Adult Textile Face Mask Reuseable Textile Kids Face Mask 

First Aid Kit

Family First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits With Red Soft Bag Skin Cleansing Alcohol Swabs 25pcs Safty Cleansing Hand Gel Safty Cleansing Alcohol Hand Spray First Aid Box With Disposable Mask And Swabs First Aid Box With Mask Hand Gel Sachet First Aid Kit Of Protection Kit With Gloves Soft Family First Aid Bag With High Capacity Plaster First Aid Poly Bag With 27Pcs 

Outdoor First Aid Kits

Basic Outdoor First Aid Bag Allround Outdoor First Aid Bag Safty Tube Outdoor First Aid Kit Scouts Outdoor First Aid Kit Multisport Outdoor First Aid Bag Portable First Aid Kit With Handy Soft Bag 

Auto Mobile Safety Kits

Customized Road Outdoor First Aid Kit Taxi Kit With Soft Bag 

Travel First Aid Kits

Portable My Kit For Travel Emergency Travel Outdoor First Aid Kit With Soft Bag Expedition Travel Outdoor Safty First Aid Bag Outdoor Portable First Aid Bag For Traveller 

Portable First Aid Kits

Portability My Kits For Emergency Preparedness First Aid Best Eco-Friendly My Kits For Various Waterproof Plaster Portable first aid MYkit for pets Mykit Bike First Aid Kit On Road Portable My Kit For Male Travel In Hotel Portable My Kit First Aid Box For Children Portable My Kit For Outdoor Camping Activities Foam Ear Plugs Soft And Flexible For Protection Hearing Production Ear Plugs Disposable Examination Medical Vinyl Glove Graid Protection Kit With Mask Gloves And Swabs Portable My Kit Bike Repair Portable My Kit First Aid Kit Of Sports 

Adhesive Bandage Plaster

Unviersal Plaster

Skin Closure Strips In Poly Bag Pe Plaster For Bee With Polyster Bag Universal Beige Plaster/Adhesive Bandage With Multi-Size Multi Size Unviersal Plaster With Printed 

Textile Plaster

Textile PBT/Cotton Medical Plaster Textile Polyster Adhesive Plaster 

Aqua Resist Plaster

Aqua Block Transparent Adhesive Bandage Plaster Aqua resist waterproof breathable plaster Aqua Resist Waterproof Plaster Beige 

Sensitive Plaster

Sensitive Adhesive Bandage Plaster In Poly Bag 

Hydrocolloid Plaster

Hydrocolloid Blister Acne And Cold Sore Plaster Hydrocolloid Blister Heel Plaster/Adhesive Bandage Acne Cold Sore Hydrocolloid Blister Plaster 

Healthcare Tape

Sports Tape

Non Elastic Adhesive Support Sport Tape 

Support Tape

Small Size Elastic Adhesive Support Tape Elastic Adhesive Support Tape 

Medical Tape

Nonwoven Medical Tape Without Elastic Adhesive Big Size Nonwoven Medical Tape Without Elastic Adhesive PE Non Elastic Adhesive Medical Tape Non Elastic Adhesive Silk Tape 

Kinesio Tape

Support Sport Kinesiology Elastic Adhesive Tape 

Healthcare Bandage

Support Bandages

Multi-size Elastic Wrist Support Bandage Neoprene Back Support Bandage Neoprene Elbow Support Bandage Neoprene Knee Support Bandage Neoprene Ankle Support Bandage Neoprene Wrist Support Bandage Neoprene Elbow Strape Support Bandage Multi Size Elastic Elbow Support Bandage Multi-size Elastic Knee Support Bandage Muiti Size Elastic Ankle Support Bandage Elastic Multi Support Bandage Elastic Adhesive Small Size Support Bandages Elastic Adhesion Support Bandages 

Medical Bandages

Excellent Quality Multi-Size Medical Elastic Bandages Finger Elastic Breathable Medical Bandage Self-adhesive Elastic Medical Bandage 

Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive Bandage With Elastic Self-Adhesive 

Safety Reflector

Reflective Pendants

360° Reflective Ball Purse Road Safty 

Reflective Vests

Highly Visible Reflective Safty Jacket For Kids Full Reflective Rainproof Jacket With Multi Size Full Reflective With Sleeveless Vest Full-reflective Hat For People Female Road Runner Jacket With Reflective Strips Male Road Runner Jacket With Reflective Strips Flash Safety High Visible Reflective Harness 

Reflective Cover

Full Reflective Saddle Cover Full Reflective Helmet Cover Full Reflective Basket Cover 

Reflective Bags

Full-Reflective GYM Shopping Bag Highly Visible Reflective Strip Oxford Shopping Bag Highly Visible Non-Woven Reflective Strip Shopping Bag 

Disposable Travel Accessories

Disposable Underwear

Clean Safety Convenient Disposable Underwear 

Disposable Towel Tablet

Clean Safty Disposable Towel Clean Safty Disposable Single Sheet Clean Safty Double Disposable Sheets Clean Convenient Disposable Compressed Square Towel Clean Convenient Disposable Compressed Towel Clean Convenient Disposable Compressed Bath Towel 

Disposable Toilet Cover

Safty Disposable Toilet Cover 

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